Best Bike Trainer for the Money in 2016

low costA bike trainer is the ultimate must have for those that love all-weather bicycling. No more having to watch hours of weather forecasts to be able to go for a soothing ride or to begin your pre-spring training routines. A bike trainer also known as a turbo trainer or a bike stand trainer allows anyone the joy of riding with the bicycle they have grown to love and feel as one. In this detailed article, we layout the best bike trainer for the money that you can buy and which type you should choose.

Benefits of a Bike Trainer

A bike trainer eliminates the need to purchase costly equipment pieces or having to drive to the gym. Trainers allow the rider the ability of training on the machine that they will be utilizing for the big race, next event or even the nearby triathlon thus creating a better overall fit come the big day.

Most bike trainers attach to the rear wheel of the bicycle and you are all ready to begin. However, there are also bike trainer types that require the bicycle to balance atop of rollers. When selecting be sure to check out all the specifications and styles before buying as there are various styles, restrictions, and limitations.

No matter if you are riding to stay fit, build up muscles and stamina, relax or even just to help pass the time, the bike trainer is an easy to use addition for all your cycling needs, wants or desires.

Bike Trainers are all-weather!

Get your ride on within the warm and comfortable surroundings you call home in the long winter months. No more complaints or lazy days due to snow packed lanes. Gone are the former risks and hazards tossed about by Mother Nature.

No longer does it matter if your current home front in is the middle of rural Kansas, the top of A Mountain in Arizona or the frozen countryside of nowhere Pennsylvania. This lovely device makes stamina training and speed enhancement an option every day of the year.

No more random excuses for not staying firm, fit and healthy as workouts are much simpler to complete within the safe confines of your home. Even in the roughest of neighborhoods a buddy is no longer a necessity for health and safety as you are no longer coming into contact with any unknown people or potential high risk situations.


  • Weather no longer an issue
  • Eliminates costly gym equipment
  • Uses your favorite bicycle
  • Can ride day or night
  • No traffic or road hazards
  • Train year round in comfort


  • Not able to prepare for hills
  • Unable to practice coasting
  • Not able to practice descending
  • Unable to practice terrain changes
  • Boring/Lack of scenery
  • Stable position can cause fatigue

Primary Types of Bike Trainers

Roller Bike Trainers

cycling roller bike trainerThere are two major classification types of bicycle trainers available. The first is the Roller Bike Trainers also known simply as Rollers. Rollers are the simplest design model but the some of the most difficult to become accustom. As the name states the trainer is nothing more than rollers that you ride the bike upon. On top of riding you must also maintain your vertical balance at all times as this bike is not stationary in any way.

Experienced riders and pros alike recommend having something nearby to help steady yourself until you have been able to master this machine. Make sure that your particular bike will work with this type prior to purchase as there are limitations. Although the low cost of this trainer might temp many the novice might want to steer clear as the cheapest cost is not always the best option.

Resistance Trainers

Mechanical Resistance Trainers are the second major classification of bicycle trainers on the market and the best bike trainer for the money you spend. This trainer is the variety that attaches in some manner to the real wheel making the bicycle stationary. Mechanical Resistance Trainers are offered in magnetic, fluid and wind variations. Although they tend to cost more than the Roller Trainers they take up less room and are balanced. While the balance is a nice home feature it does take away from the natural bike feel in many ways.CycleOps Wind Trainer review

Wind Trainers (see reviews)

  • Least expensive and less likely to break of the mechanical resistance trainers.
  • This model has a fan that is moved by the rotation and peddling of the rider.
  • Cons: noisiness and less resistant than many prefer do to the wind force alone.

Magnetic Trainers (see reviews)

  • Resistance caused as a magnetic force at the rear wheel allows an alterable pull.
  • Virtually silent run operation allowing others in the room to not be bothered.
  • Cons: Limited resistance allowed before braking will or can occur.

Fluid Trainers (see reviews)

  • Most prone to breakage as they are the most complex of the trainers.
  • Most natural movements. The more you pedal more the more the resistance.
  • Cons: prone to overheat, prone to expand and prone to leak.
how does a fluid bike trainer work

How does a fluid bike trainer work?

Centrifugal Trainers

  • More resistance with more speed like the fluid trainers.

Virtual Reality Trainers

  • Video game-like bicycling where you appear on a screen. “Game” measures speed, resistance, and other real life measurements in a 3-D like reenactment.

The Best Bike Trainer for the Money

When selecting the best bike trainer, we used ratings for durability, an affordable price as well as good features. The overall best value hands down belong to the magnificent trainers characterized by type below:

 Bike Trainer ModelCompatibilityPortabilityExtrasOur RatingPrice
Best Magnetic Bike Trainer
FDW Steel Bike Trainer
FDW Magnet Steel Bike review
26", 27" or 700c wheelFoldable5 internal resistance settings. No noise.4.2 Stars
Read review
Best Fluid Bike Trainer
CycleOps Fluid 2
CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer review
N/AFoldableQUIETEST! New larger flywheel. Self-cooling mechanism.4.6 Stars
Read review
Best Wind Bike Trainer
CycleOps Wind Trainer
CycleOps Wind Trainer review
26 in, 27 in, 29 in and 700c bikesFoldableSteady, progressive wind resistance with very low noise4.2 Stars
Read review

Each of the above trainers have been rigorously tested by hundreds of customers. They range from various prices but you can be sure that they will provide value. Make sure to check them out!


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