Best Mountain Bike Trainer Reviews for 2016

best mountain bike trainer reviewsBike trainers are not just for road bike riders, as they are helpful for any type of cyclists. Many trainers fit all tire and frame sizes and so accommodate any style of cycling you may be interested in. Sometimes the weather is not the best to go out on your mountain bike, or it may be inconvenient to go out and find the best place to ride your bike. Although most trainers fit mountain bikes, there are some that are designed particularly for them, allowing for the best training possible and being the easiest to put your bike in and out of the trainer.

Below are a selection of Mountain Bike Trainer Reviews

Soozier Magnetic Trainer

Soozier Adjustable Magnetic resistance indoor reviewThe Soozier magnetic trainer is a sturdy and wide trainer that is designed to take the weight of the heavier mountain bike and accommodate the wider frame and wheels. It is a magnetic trainer meaning it isn’t the loudest type of trainer, however isn’t quite as silent as fluid trainers. The Soozier trainer itself is designed to make the least amount of noise as possible through a frame cover over the part of the trainer that moves and makes the noise.

The trainer unit folds down for easy storage, though its bulky size and weight means it is not ideal for traveling with, though it is this that makes the trainer ideal for mountain biking. The fact that it is a magnetic trainer also means it is much cheaper than other types of trainers though still has a large resistance to cope with hard riding on your mountain bike.

  • Stable
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Large resistance range


  • Difficult to set up
  • Heavy

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Blackburn Tech Magnetic Trainer

Blackburn Tech Mag 3 Magnetic resistance reviewThe Blackburn Tech magnetic trainer has a steel boxed frame so is as sturdy and solid on the ground as possible so it can take the weight of the mountain bike while keeping the trainer stable and not able to tip over. Even due to its sturdy and steel frame the trainer is lightweight allowing it to be used by those that travel often. It also folds down to a small size, aiding even further in using it for travel.

However due to its lightweight build, it makes quite a lot of noise. There is no real protection over the part of the trainer that makes noise so the noise is not dampened at all. As a magnetic trainer it doesn’t make too much noise compared to other types of trainer so the noise it produces isn’t really that bad even without noise dampening.


  • Stable
  • Foldable
  • Light


  • Loud
  • Not many resistance options
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Bike Lane Pro Trainer

Bike Lane Pro Trainer Bicycle Indoor reviewThe Pro Trainer is designed to be one of the sturdiest trainers on the market, with extra large legs and and a sturdy frame. The internal magnet is ultra quiet and resistance can be changed by changing gears on the bike. This quietness is needed as mountain bike wheels can make a lot of noise on trainers. It is also extra durable as the heavier mountain bikes can take their toll on the trainer, making sure it will last as long as possible.

The magnetic trainer is light and can be folded down to a small size so can be used by those that travel often or just like the trainer to be out of the way when folded down and not used. This is one of the best trainers for mountain bikes, even though it has such a low price due to its magnetic resistance. This is ensured due to making the magnet and the frame as high quality as possible.

  • Easy to travel with
  • Durable
  • Quietness


  • Not many resistance options
  • More expensive than other trainers that are similar
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Final thoughts

Mountain bike trainers are hard to find in the market of general bike trainers, due to the difficultly of making a trainer facilitate both road and mountain frames. The list that has been selected here is the best of the mountain bike trainer bunch, with the Pro Trainer being the best on the list, though a little pricey compared to other trainers on this list. We hope these mountain bike trainer reviews really helped you find the best product for your needs.

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