Conquer Bike Trainer Review

Bike trainers are considered as one of the most common equipment that many fitness and heal-conscious individuals are currently buying. This is because having a bike trainer could enable you to perform the desired biking routines indoors and the need to go somewhere else just to increase the resistance provided by your bike is eliminated since most trainers have built-in resistance mechanism that the user could increase depending on the levels that they want the equipment to provide.

Aside from that, having a bike trainer at home or in the office could allow you to work out while doing other activities like watching TV, answering important calls and even reply to important business emails while still mounted on the trainer.

Unfortunately, the popularity of bike trainers nowadays has encouraged a lot of manufacturers to produce their own versions of this tool. Due to this condition, the market is currently flooded with a lot of bike trainers that promise a number of benefits to its users. As a result, many potential buyers are presently having a hard time in selecting the best available model of a bike trainer from those that are offered for sale in the market.

Fortunately, the Conquer Bike Trainer or also known as the Conquer Indoor Bicycle Cycling Trainer Exercise Stand was released in the market. Right after its release, a lot of fitness experts have started to recommend this model to most of their clients. Such recommendations from the said fitness trainers were basically triggered by the fact that the Conquer Bike Trainer offers a long list of useful as well as reliable features that almost every fitness-conscious consumer would like to have.


Many fitness experts and biking instructors would usually recommend the Conquer Bike Trainer to their clients who are in need of a particular workout tool that provides the same set of benefits that could possibly earned from biking since the product is easy to assemble. This simply means that the Conquer Bike Trainer could be conveniently assembled by consumers and does not require any special training just to make this tool functional.

In addition to that, the Conquer bike trainer is also admired for its compact design. Furthermore, the trainer comes with a design that allows it to be folded when the user needs to keep this for a while and utilize the space it consumes in the place where it is usually utilized.

The Conquer bike trainer is also considered as one of the most recommended fitness tool models in its class since the stability it offers is excellent compared to some of the other popular models in the market. According to most experts, the stability provided by this trainer was made possible by its relatively wider frame, sturdy steel construction and a more stable riser block on the front wheel.

Aside from that, the Conquer bike trainer is also considered as a strong contender as one of the best in its class since this is equipped a progressive magnetic resistance with a single adjustment and a sturdy mounting cup which is responsible for slippage reduction. This trainer was also designed to be compatible with bikes that use either the 26-inch, 27-inch or 70c wheels.

Finally, many buyers who were able to purchase the Conquer bike trainer were impressed since the trainer provides a tolerable amount of noise when used indoors. This is particular feature of the Conquer is probably one of the most significant reasons why many buyers are fond of choosing the model over its rivals in the market.


  •  The trainer could be easily assembled and disassembled
  • Comes with a compact design
  • The trainer can be folded for better storage when the owner decides to keep this first
  • The product offers an excellent amount of stability that allows its user to focus more on the workout routine
  • Its frame is made of solid steel and this specification is responsible for improving the tool’s overall stability
  • The product comes with a progressive magnetic resistance
  • Is compatible with 26-inch, 27-inch and 70c bikes
  • Sold at a relatively lower price


  • The product lacks the magnetic resistance level adjustment which is offered by some of its competitors
  • The riser block for the front wheel may not always be included in the package
  • Is not offered with more advanced technologies such as connectivity to several gadgets that are equipped with an app responsible for displaying the important measurements derived from the workout

By just looking at the set features as well as the existing pros and cons, the Conquer bike trainer can be considered a good option for fitness-conscious individuals. With a price which is somewhere $70 and $80, the trainer can be viewed as a best buy since it readily provides some of the most common benefits that consumers want to obtain out of the expenses that they have incurred in purchasing a trainer.


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